Frequently Asked Questions:

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  1. Is the hot tub private to each cabin? No, we have one hot tub rated as a 7 person capacity but 4 is most comfortable. The hot tub is situated centrally away from the cabins and is sunk into the ground and landscaped for a private feel.

  2. How far are the cabins from downtown Bozeman? We are situated 10.2 miles from downtown Bozeman. Allow 20 to 25 minutes to arrive.

  3. How far from Bridger Bowl Ski Resort? We are abut 27 miles from Bridger Bowl. Allow 40 minutes to get there.

  4. How far from Big Sky Ski Resort? We are about 63 miles from Big Sky. Allow 1.5 hours to get there.

  5. How far from Yellowstone National Park? West Yellowstone West entrance is 102 miles. Allow 2.15 hrs to arrive. Gardiner, North Entrance is 90 miles away. Allow 1.36 hrs to arrive.

  6. How far from the Airport? The airport is 10 miles via Airport Rd - Springhill Rd to Rector Rd. Allow 20 minutes to arrive.

  7. How far to grocery store and restaurants? Bozeman and Belgrade both offer these services and both are about a 20 minute drive.

  8. Which cabin is best for a family? Cabin 3 offers the most room with a separate bedroom. The other 3 cabins are studio's with bed and sleeper couch in the same room. (See photos) 

  9. Which cabin is most private? All the cabins are situated to provide a private feel. They are spaced about 150 - 200 feet apart and are orientated not to be in each others viewshed. Having said all that, cabin 5 is at the end of the line.